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A Review of the cartoon
You want ME to forgive THEM?

Video Title: VeggiTales: You Want me to Forgive them?
Pub: Big Idea Productions, 1994
Age: 3-8
Time: 32 min
Value: Forgiveness & Tolerance
Type: Christian Animated Cartoon Series

This video contains two expertly animated stories with enough action to keep little kid's attention. The first story is a spin on the Grapes of Wrath, where a family of cranky hillbilly grapes make fun of asparagus boy who learns to forgive their rudeness. The grapes also learn to have respect for others who are different from them. The second story is based on Gilligan's Island where everyone has to learn to forgive the first mate who crashed the boat on a deserted island. This video has several catchy tunes that kids will enjoy.

Lori Eldridge
© 1999

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