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Poetry by Vanshika
Age 7

Vanshika is very proficient in English. Has a good understanding of the language, grammar and usage. She is a very avid reader and reads all genres right from fiction to research to knowledge. She goes to a school of "Speech and Drama" as a hobby. She has now taken a liking to writing and has written a couple of stories and poems.


Hi! I am a little ant,
I like to crawl into your pants.

I have sharp claws to hold you tight,
A poison sack which I use in a Fight.

I have six strong legs,
My babies hatch from eggs.

Twenty times my weight I carry on my chest
After a hard day, I sleep in my nest.

by Vanshika.
Copyright © 10-4-2012

Merry Christmas

You shouldn't be sad on a Christmas eve,
Santa comes that's what many people believe.

When Santa does come to town,
Everyone is tired and down,
Everyone is in their bed,
Out are hanging stockings in red.

Santa brings with him a lot of toys,
Making happy all the little girls and boys,
Santa then goes back on his reindeer,
I hope you have a Merry Christmas every year.

by Vanshika.
Copyright © 12-21-2012


It was raining, it was pouring,
In class I was snoring.

I had a very nice dream,
In a jacuzzi full of steam.

I was feeling very hot,
So I decided to go for my trot.

I was about to finish with my dream,
When my teacher woke me with a scream.

My teacher warned me not to sleep
An alert mind in class to keep.

by Vanshika.
Copyright © 10-8-2012

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