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Poems by Steve

Hi, my name is Steve B.. I am a 9th grader. My hobbies are fishing, hunting, biking, racing r/c cars, and playing video games.

animated waves


The ocean has a heart of a warrior. So fearless crashing against the rocky shore. Roaring with every crash against the shoreline. Raging stronger and stronger every time it smashes into the shore. Every slam makes it stronger. When it raises up for the very last time it looks like the Faceless Man. Screaming, trying to get away, but he can't. Finally he raises up for a terrific crash into the shoreline. When the storm is all over it is very clam. The sun glistens off the ocean, so wide and beautiful, but very deadly

© Steve, age 15


dirt flying
high speeds
fast action
roar of the engine
hard hitting
dirt spitting in every direction
smell of the exhaust
bone crushing action
burn outs
fans cheering
smell of the food cooking
tow trucks
bright lights
That's Racing For You

© Steve, age 15

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