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Poems by Screelakshmi
Age 6

Screelakshmi is an Indian, currently in the UK studying in year 2. She reads a lot, and was introduced to poetry last month, and she has written all these since then.


At the seaside, I can hear
Splashing sea,
Clicking crabs,
Screeching gulls,
Roaring boats and
Chatting children
I love the seaside


Crackle crackle burn and glow,
This is fire, don’t you know


Paper, scissors and glitter as well,
Add some stickers to make it well,
A dash of colour, she did tell,
I made a craft, I had to yell!

Dora and Boots

Dora and Boots went out to play,
Around the sheds so far away!
Over the hills, across the bay,
Away from Swiper’s naughty way!


Rockpool, rockpool, here I come,
Don’t you lie there feeling glum!
Crabbie, Crabbie lost your home?
Join us in this little dome.

Seastar, seastar, come right here,
Join the game and don’t lie there!
Run and run, here’s a gull,
Hide and hide, let’s have fun!

Disco sky

Disco disco dance at night,
Stars are shining so much bright,
Moon is smiling in the light,
This is so much fun at height.

Poetry by Sreelakshmi.
Copyright © November 23, 2012

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