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Poems by Seneru
Age 6

Seneru is currently studying in a Catholic school in Melbourne, Australia. He is an enthusiastic reader since childhood and started showing impressive talents on writing poetry since the beginning of age 6. Now he's at the door step of 7. He's doing poetry as a hobby and has a collection of poems. He is very much interested in reading Dr Suess's and Roald Dahl's poetry.

dog barking

Not So Clever Dog

One day a dog brought a bone
Yes he did it all alone
He ran past cat ... that was very fat
He ran past bat ... with a hat
He ran past mat ... that was flat
He stopped at the river, but what was this?
It had ears, nose and a bone like his!
Dog's idea was so bright
He decided to have a fight.
Oops! HELP!

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009

Life cycle of a butterfly


I start as a caterpillar I am so small
I cling to a leaf and never fall
I shed my skin five times a day
And when I'm not safe I camouflage away
I build a chrysalis around myself
It's just I am on a shelf
Now, now, now
I can fly up high!
Of course that's it
I'm a B U T T E R F L Y!

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009


A Train Ride to the Zoo

Well the train makes a chug chug chug sound
Whizzing through the station as it's wheels go round
As the train's traction bars get more power
It gets faster every hour
Chiffty chuffty rattle and a rap
Chuffing as it's wheels go zap
We're chuffing on a mountain
Please slow down
Now go faster we're chuffing through the town
We're chuffing through the creepiest place
Whizzing through a farm where a big pine tree
We stop for water on the way
We're going to a zoo what a great big day!
We've seen the zoo and we're back another way

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009



Rain falls from clouds as you know
If it gets cold it'll turn to snow
The clouds that look like paper
But are made of vapour
Get very black you see
Soon start to do their wee!
Please learn the water cycle
Then you'll see your knowledge sparkle!

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009

Little Red Miss

One day Red's grandma was ill. Until ...
Red started to bake a cake.
She set off to the wood
Just as she dropped on her hood
But a hungry wolf came
Now it was spooky and not the same
Oh dear! Oh dear! Don't come near!
You're so scary, that's what I fear!
The wolf ran to granny's house
He managed to be as quiet as a mouse
When Red came in
Grandma was in wolf's bin
What an awful sight it was!
Then a wood cutter came by
What's to that noise! he would cry!
At last they were saved
Red at last behaved!

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Jack was poor, mum was poor
At least they had not a cent
Carnival was nearing!
Kind Jack earned beans (because he sold his cow)

Alas, his mum was not pleased
"No money?" she yelled
Don't you ever do that again!

Time passed till the sun was in the west
He slept till morning
Else what? the seeds have become a

B E A N S T A L K!!!
Eh! he climbed up
No he saw a castle
So he
Took everything and
A GIANT came
Little Jack
Kicked the beanstalk, they were saved!

by Seneru.
Copyright © 2009

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