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Poems by Sara
Age 12

Sara is homeschooled; she is in her second semester of Creative Writing at her homeschool co-op. She enjoys writing poetry as an expression of her emotions and ideas. She also enjoys writing fictional stories; it gives her a chance to explore new worlds and to act out adventures that would never happen in real life, but are fun to experience on paper! Sara lives in the USA.

Love and Hate

Love is everything that hate is not.
Love is nourishment while hate is starvation.
Love is hope. Hate is fear.
Hate works against you, while love works with you.
Love is beautiful as shining marble palaces and fairy wings,
glitter and shine and soft, sweet rose petals.
Hate is darker than midnight, with no glimmer of stars to represent hope.
Dull gray, sharp black, and dark, dark red, with fury of Hell.
Love and hate go side by side,
for without one, the other does not exist.
But I will choose love,
and take up the cause,
for Love is hope.

by Sara age 12
Copyright © 10-25-12

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