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Poems by Rowan
Age 10

Rowan is 10 years old and is in the fifth grade. She is taking a creative writing class in her homeschool co-op. She lives in the USA and loves to write Haiku, Limerick and free verse poetry.

A Free Verse poem


It starts as a seed planted in the yard,
But soon is a sapling with one tiny leaf.
As the tree grows, lots more leaves appear.
It gets higher and higher and touches the sky!
Then, one day I wake to a world of leaves twisting and twirling up high.
It's fall! It's fall!
I pull on my coat and jump into my boots.
I'm ready to go out and play.
I run out the door and am instantly covered with leaves.
This is the best day ever!

by Rowan.
Copyright © 10-19-12<

A Limerick


I love writing poems so funny,
Writing poems about a little bunny.
Even though it is fun
It can be hard to think of one.
Sometimes you can make some money.

by Rowan.
Copyright © 10-19-12

A Limerick


There once was a kitten named Moo.
She was a very cute kitten, too.
One day she had a fright
And ran off in the night.
Oh, poor little Moo we miss you!

by Rowan.
Copyright © 10-19-12


Jumping silently
The fox has spotted it's prey
Gracefully pounces

by Rowan.
Copyright © 10-19-12

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