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A Review of the Disney Movie, Robinhood

Video Title: Robinhood
Publisher: Walt Disney (Masterpiece Collection)
Age: 3-8
Time: 83 minutes

This movie contains a lot of cute animation and catchy tunes with animals dressed up as people portraying the classic story of Robin Hood robbing from the rich, mainly Prince John, to feed the poor of Nottingham. There are several fast action scenes showing Robin outsmarting the Sherrif of Nottingham and at the same time capturing Maid Marian's heart.

However, in the first few minutes of this story there are a few scenes where Sir Hiss, Prince John's treasurer, tries to hypnotize him, and Robin Hood disguises himself as a fortune teller selling horoscopes. I would suggest either fastforwarding through the beginning of the story each time or cut that part of the movie out with a tape editing machine and then you'll have yourself a cute classic movie that you can let your kids watch without having to worry about their being indoctrinated into the occult and trying to hypnotize their siblings.

Lori Eldridge
Copyright 11-28-99

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