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Children's Book, Movie and Video Game Reviews:

Children's Books

Information about a very good book series for teens that will give them some insight into the coming Tribulation can be found in Lori Eldridge's review of Left Behind: The Kids, #1, The Vanishings

Children's Videos

A fun action adventure for little kids can be found in the action packed VeggieTales Series: You want ME to forgive THEM? reviewed by Lori Eldridge.

Children's Videos To Use With Caution

What could possibly go wrong with a classic children's movie that would cause us to put it on the caution list? Check out this Robinhood review by Lori Eldridge to see how Hollywood manages to turn a classic into the usual occult fare for our small children.

Children's Video Games We DO NOT Recommend

The Assassins Creed is one of the most popular video game series released in 2012. It has a detrimental effect on the Christian faith due to the distortions of Christian beliefs.

Children's Videos We Do NOT recommend

Is the Harry Potter film just fantasy or is there a subtle danger behind the message portrayed in this movie? See why some parents have grave concerns about the Harry Potter film in A Harry Potter Review with a European Flavor and links to other Harry Potter reviews.

Is the Disney Cartoon Mulan really a cartoon or is it just another method to indoctrinate our children into New Age philosophy?

Accepting others who are different than yourself is a very honorable theme for a movie--unless the "others" are animals and having evolution spoon fed to our little children, such as we find in the movie Tarzan

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