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Poems by Rebecca
Age 12 years

Rebecca is taking a creative writing in a homeschool co-op class


Being a gymnast is wonderful
It's so cool to flip in mid-air
My back hand-handsprings are powerful
To keep your energy up eat a pear

On bars you can soar like a blue jay
Be careful on the high bar
The competition is in May
So I will shoot for the stars

When you step on the beam don't look down
And remember to keep your toes pointed
Try not to be the class clown
If I fall off my coach will be disappointed

If I win gold,
The story will be told

by Rebecca
Copyright © 10-18-12


Fall is the best season of them all
It's the the best one of them all
The leaves are crimson and gold
Perfect for raking up and jumping in
Put on some mittens
And we will go pick some pumpkins
The evenings are cold so cuddle up close
Sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace
Warms your heart and toes

by Rebecca
Copyright © 10-18-12

A Limerick


Christmas is wonderful
Every one is so cheerful
Now you can open up the presents
Don't knock off the ornaments
Oh Christmas is blissful

by Rebecca
Copyright © 12-4-12

A Kaiku

Cleo the cat

Cleo was mean
But I still loved her lots
She was a devil

by Rebecca
Copyright © 12-4-12

A Kaiku


Singing is so fun
Get ready for the concert
The concert is fun

by Rebecca
Copyright © 12-4-12

A Kaiku


Skiing is awesome
It is very wonderful
Outside is snowy

by Rebecca
Copyright © 12-4-12

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