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Poems by Pippa W.
Age 13

Pippa has won a competition before and loves writing and reading.

In Fifty Years Time
A Poem about Global Warming

A chronic cyclone of debris expanded over the planet.
A thick stretch of flurry filed the atmosphere, New York, Sydney, Britain, Tokyo, mankind was on probation.
Tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, floods.
They all spelt two words on a crumpled piece of paper, Global Warming.
A livid background, electric-lights, a crescendo of sirens, gunshots, and the click of a finger every three seconds,
a child is dead this minute, because there simply aren't enough first aid vans any more,
people are to petrified to leave their loved ones at home while they work.
Hurricane Gavin moves like a ghost, its gray eye fixed on England.
A forest fire fills a willowed forest with vermillion ooze.
A swift movement of a tidal wave or tsunami threatened a shore in the west.
A drought caused the River Nile into a dessert transformation.
Temperatures soared to fifty-two degrees in London.
The polar-ice caps melted to smitereens.
The panda, shark, elephant and hunch back whales were wiped out,
But worst and most horrifying of all, the symphony of colours, crimson, marigold, lime, azure,indigo and violet were vanished.
God's magnificent creation, the rainbow was nearly extinct.
Instead, jet black, blood red, acid and polluted streets was all the corroded the atmosphere,
all because of factories and waste.
Mankind was cursed.
Is there any hope, I weep innocent children.

by Pippa W.
© 2005

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