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Poems by Nathan
age 13

Lest We Forget

Rivers of blood, filled with innocent souls

No food on our plates, or cereal in our bowls.

We fight for freedom, lives lost every day

The battlefield painted red, with skies listless and grey.

I watched the pain and suffering from a war beaten man

He stood five foot four with a charcoal tan.

He cried out "please save me, for the love of god."

My neck was still weak but I was able to nod.

When I picked him up, his whole body felt cold

I looked at his face and could tell he was old.

Still tattered and beaten he gave me a smile

I pointed to a sign that read "Hospital - 1 mile"

He looked in my eyes, a tear rolled down his cheek

For his chance of survival seemed very bleak.

As he lay in my arms this man I'd just met

Picked a poppy from the ground and said,

"Lest we forget."

© November 3, 2002
By Nathan

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