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Thanksgiving Poems

Mrs. Marks's 3rd Grade Class 2005

Thanksgiving Poem Banner

What Thanksgiving Is

By Megan

My whole family is staring at the turkey all day
People yelling, "Hike!" from the T.V.
My Grandma's huge, greasy turkey
I'm in heaven
My family is really thankful for what they have

My Thanksgiving

By Ashtyn

My family eating around the kitchen table
Everyone talking about lots of things
Hot, juicy turkey cooking in the oven
I am happy that my family is here
Christmas is coming soon, and I can't wait
Thanksgiving poems Turkey Waving


By Ford

People praying around the table
People talking together
Turkey cooking in the oven
A good feeling
It is a good day to help others

My Family on Thanksgiving

By Holly

Autumn leaves are falling
My family is laughing and having fun
Turkey cooking in the oven
In the hot, warm shelter
My family loves me just the way I am


By Mathew

My family sitting around the table
My family talking at the table
A soft, juicy turkey
I can't eat another bite
My Grandma always has a turkey

Thanksgiving Feast

By Claire

My family is sitting down at the table
Christmas carols are playing
My dinner is cooking
My fireplace is burning
My dad will stay home

Thanksgiving is Waiting

By Michelle

thanksgiving poems Turkey Fanning Feathers Everybody sitting at the table tasting everything and saying how wonderful it is
People talking about whatever they feel like talking about
Wine and champagne sitting in glasses waiting for someone to drink
Warm inside because the oven has been on since 4:00 p.m. and now it's 9:00 p.m.
Everyone likes Thanksgiving as much as I do

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By Natalie

My family sipping hot cocoa
My family watches a good movie together
A big, fat, juicy ham bakes in the oven
A wonderful, warm, cozy place
My family is thankful for Thanksgiving


By Alexander

Sitting around the table praying
Listening to my Dad's stories over and over again
Juicy turkey in the oven cooking
The hot air from the fire
My family loves me


By Katelynne

My family sits down for dinner
Playing with all of your family
Turkey that has been cooking
Nice things to do
It is a really good day


By Alec

My family is here, like my Grandmas
Everybody is here
The good turkey is done
When I touch the turkey, it is hot
This was the greatest Thanksgiving of my life


By Tyler

Turkey on the table and my Mom,
Dad and I playing football
Talking about stuff and musical tunes
Juicy turkey on the table and all that good food
I will have it every year
thanksgiving poems Cornicopia


By Chris

My family having a feast
The turkey baking in the oven
The turkey just ready to bake
Gobbling down the turkey
Thanksgiving is an important holiday

The Thanksgiving

By Katie

Having turkey and potatoes
My mom and cousins talking
Flavorable turkey
Juice running down my hands
I like Thanksgiving

Jumping in the Leaves

By Jonathan

The leaves are falling
My brother playing
Turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans
Open windows letting in the cold
I will rake the leaves, make a huge pile,
and jump in them

What I Do on Thanksgiving

By Dagon

My family eating turkey
Sizzling ham
My Mom's peanut butter pie
My really warm house
Thanksgiving is really fun

My Family on Thanksgiving

By Sage

My family is on the couch watching football,
and my Grandma is in the kitchen
with my Mom and Aunt
Cheering coming from the T.V.,
and my Mom is talking with my Grandma and Aunt
A juicy turkey, popcorn, my mom's perfume,
and my Grandma's pies
My family snuggling me 'till I'm purple
My family loves me and will always be there for me
thanksgiving poems Turkey Fanning Feathers


By Casey

Cool leaves falling
A beautiful sound
Chicken cooking
Warm and nice
is a great holiday


By Garrett

Fun and really good things
Everyone is having a good time
The turkey is cooking
A nice time to be with my family
Everyone is here tonight


By Austin

A wood house with a turkey on the table
The fire going and the stove cooking
The turkey smells really, really good
A squishy turkey
It's a really good holiday


By Amber

My family is happy for Thanksgiving and freedom
The ham is going to be good to eat
The ham is being well-cooked
My family loves me
I love Thanksgiving and freedom


By Rachel

My family sitting on the couch watching cartoons
while waiting for the turkey to cook
Children laughing
Pumpkin pie and turkey waiting to be eaten
Warm fire from the house
Some days will not be so warm,
but Thanksgiving will always be the same

Thanksgiving Day

By Jason

My cousins watching T.V.
Listening to them talk about the best quarterback
A humungous turkey
It's a normal day
At the end we thrash my room
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