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Poems by Mariah F
age 14

Mariah has been writing poetry since she was in the sixth grade and showing more and more progress as the years come and go.



Outside the sun is shining bright,
Leaves are drifting slowly from the trees
And crickets sing all night.
Birds are flying high above
And the air is full of nature's love.
Raindrops fall, the wind it blows,
Hail and sleet and snow it flows.
Roaring thunder and lightning flash,
Trimmed trees and fresh cut grass.
Flowers bloom, smelling of sweet,
As bees roam for honey to eat.
Oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes,
Rabbits, fish, deer, and snakes.
All of these things stay on my mind
About nature, it's one of a kind!

by Mariah F.
© 2005

Our thanks to Pics4Learning for the image.

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