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Poetry by Louise
Age 10

Louise has always enjoyed writing. She is an enthusiastic reader. Her favourite poems are by Michael Rosen and Brian Patten, and she enjoys them thoroughly. Louise lives in England.

School break time

Break time at school is a nightmare they say,
And even in rain you get sent out to play,
We go out each day, in every weather,
And what do we do, standing huddled together?
We watch teachers inside, nibbling biscuits and chocs,
Whilst we stand outside, small frozen blocks,
We queue up at the fountain,
They're inside, sipping tea!
We're climbing a mountain,
They're having fun by the sea!
Do you know what I'm saying,
When I truthfully say,
No one ever wants to go out at play.

by Louise
© January 20, 2013


Everyone knows that you have to wear pants,
Though sometimes you feel like they're full of ants,
There are long ones for nannies,
And boxers for teens,
And ones that are smelly when you eat too many beans!
The wimpies wear skimpies,
The girlies wear pinkies,
The babies wear ones that are "Oh, they're so dinky!"

by Louise
© January 20, 2013

Your favourite plant

A chocolate box,
A selection of wonder,
About which you can ponder,
For hour, upon hour,
A beautiful flower,
What is your favourite plant?

Maybe a rose?
But wait,
Your nose,
Is twitching and sniffing,
Mmm.... What a wonderful smell,
Could it be the odour of a sweet bluebell?

Or a daffodil, so pretty and yellow,
A marigold, an orangey mellow,
The colour of the setting sun,
And as the day is finally done,
Which plant is your favourite one?

by Louise
© January 20, 2013

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