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Poems by Leanna C.
Age 6

Leanna likes to write and draw. She would write letters and notes to me, her dad, sister and even her baby brother. Last October, she had to do a book report (fictional) for a part of her Grade 1 curriculum. She read a book and did such a wonderful job and even the pictures she drew were very good. She spends most of her spare time drawing and writing. She even said to me the other day that she wants to be an author and illustrator just like Dr. Seuss.

animated teddy

Teddy Bear

My Teddy Bear is nice and soft
It somes in handy when I'm scared
He follows me wherever I go
That is something that I know.
by Leanna
Copyright © 2006

animated flower


Flowers, flowers drifting by the pane
Just like in my dreams
So sweet, flower red, blue and pink
It's all that matters, do you agree?
by Leanna
Copyright © 2006

animated candle


Candle, candle burning bright
Meet you at Christmas night
All the things you like to do is gone
Until morning comes again
by Leanna
Copyright © 2006

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