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Poems by Laneicha T.
age 11

Laneicha has been inspired to write poems since she was 6 years old and has never stopped. Over the years, she has written over 50 poems. At age 8 she accepted a scholarship to a poems program. She really loves what she does and wants to be a poet.

animated hearts symbolizing love for mom

O, Dear Mom

O, Dear Mom you are the best
You protect me without a threat,
When we are down you bring us up
Put a band-aid on our little cut,
Tell us you love us when we don't feel loved.

Tell us we're protected by the Man above,
Heal us when we feel pain
Here is something I'll say again,
O, Dear Mom you are the best
I love you, and I'll never regret.

by Laneicha T.
© 2006

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