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A Thanksgiving Story by Kayla

Kayla's animated turkey
A Turkey drawn by Kayla
(animation by Lori's Webs)

Turkey Kaf
I live on a farm. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and dad always kills a fat turkey on thanksgiving day and mom spends all day cooking it for dinner. Something strange happened last night. I was just dozing off to sleep when I heard a tapping on my bedroom window. "Who's there?" I asked. A turkey said, "Help me. I am the biggest turkey and your dad is going to kill me. Don't let him! I am very sick and I will make you guys sick. Kaf. Kaf."

"Oh no!" I said. "We had better make you better or skinnier or else! We shall start now." "Thanks, I will meet you over at the barn coop. Kaf. Kaf." said the Turkey, as he ran away and started to Kaf more. I turned to get my clothes on and said to myself, "what am I doing? I must be dreaming."

We started to exercise right away. He got skinnier and skinnier every minute. By the next day my work had paid off. He was so skinny dad decided not to choose him for dinner. "Thanks." whispered the turkey.

By Kayla
Grade 5
Age 10

Note: March 2005
Kayla was writing another story to add to her page when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, Hodgkins Lymphoma.
March 2006. The Hodgkins has returned and this time Kayla needs a bone marrow transplant
Please keep her in prayer along with her friends she met at a Camp for kids with Cancer

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