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Poems by Katrina

Blue Butterfly


If I should leave this earth
I know where I'll be
I'll be in the joy of heaven
all of you is what i'll see

The moments we shared
i'll never forget
I was chosen I've left
but i leave with no regrets

Everyone will leave
we all have our time
I guess i was ready
i guess it was mine

I won't say a goodbye
I want to be strong
Because i know you'll be sad
as soon as i'm gone

You will see me again
You will understand
He shone the light on me
I took his hand

I'm protected, I'm safe, I'm free
When you leave this earth
Heaven is where you'll be

We have a special bond
we won't ever part
because you will never be forgotten
and you'll stay in my heart

© By Katrina
Age 14

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