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Poems by Josh H

Age 10

Josh has been writing for about two years and reading poems by James Whitcomb Riley.

Railroad Rick

Little railroad Rick's come to our house to stay,
And teach us railroad safety stuff and dispatch all the trains.

And take us down the old El and toot the horn and wave,
And buy us trains, and play today and make sure we behave.

And all the Williams family, when the railroad things is done,
We sit around the railroad tracks and has the mostest fun.

And listening to the safety that Rick tells about,
The big freight train will get you
spacer gifIf
spacer gifYou
spacer gifDon't
spacer gifWatch
spacer gifOut!

by Josh H.
Dedicated To My Grandpa
With All My Heart
Copyright © 2005

Our thanks to Clip Art Warehouse for the animated train.

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