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Poems by Jordan

Spring Rain

rain falling

Sweet raindrops upon my head splatter,
I hear squirrels quietly chatter.
The dark clouds are where the first star keeps his wishes,
The raindrops are gentle angel kisses.
Bright orange sun forcing through the sky,
Cool, moist mist spraying my eye.
Letting my coat out of my arms,
Splashing in puddles, my mother looking alarmed.
Lying in a pile of hysterical laughter,
Finding the joy I sought after.
The mud feels like clay between my toes,
The rain feels like puppies licking my nose.
Suddenly, silence falls over the sky,
Putting the last raindrop on my eye,
As if where going to cry.
Looking at the bright blue yonder,
I began to wonder.
"What Happened, where did it go?"
I finally knew that I would never know

by Jordan age 10


candle burning

The last candle slowly burns,
The bright orange flame sharply turns.
Sprouting sparks throughout the night,
Trying to keep the fiery light.
Clinging to sticky wax,
With smokey burns as it's tracks.
Loving heat of the fire,
Never wanting to retire.
Total brightness clears the room,
Being blown out will bring gloom.
Sweet smell of flavors galore,
Yellow flame brings even more.
Flashing flowers of crimson light,
Crying wax during the night.
Frustrating smoke swerving in height,
Twisting and turning in flight.
Wind blowing into the room from the window,
The burning of the candle is now quite slow.
Flash! The light of the candle is gone,
No more attention is now drawn.

© Jordan, age 10

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