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Poems by Jimmy

Humble Skies

God Watches
As Satan plots
As the Earth turns
As life blots

As feelings thrive
As stars dive
As people wonder
As dreams slumber

Be one in yourself
Be one in the same
Not one in a million
Not just a name

Stay true to your being
That you should be seeing
Dwell in your best . . .
. . . and let the Lord to the rest

_for all who seek and find these fortunes
shall have humble skies on Heaven and Earth.

© by Jimmy age 17

Fear Not

Don't be afraid to stand up
And raise your hands to sing.
Don't be afraid to worship
Our world's Lord and King.

Leave the worries at His door
And don't let your hate seal your fate.
Our Lord's love, there's always more.

I'll preach my God's vision
Right out loud
To anyone listening.
I'm not afraid to face the crowd.

Don't be afraid to stand up
And raise your hands to sing.
Don't be afraid to worship
Our world's Lord and King.

© by Jimmy age 17

The Night

People are afraid of the night, the darkness,
Only because they cannot see.
They are afraid of the darkness, of things
Light and vision cannot show.
It is mysterious how things are hidden in a way
Only the moon, the stars, the animals show.
It is a new world.
Embrace it, not with fear,
But love and curiosity.
Go into the night; do not wonder what is there.
Find out, explore and learn, discover
This new frontier . . .
Now you see what you cannot see.

© by Jimmy age 17

The Owl

Through the night it wanders
To survive.
To live, it hunts.
Through the night it watches.
Every move you make, it sees.
Like guardian of the sky,
It flies.

At dawn it goes home
To sleep, to rest.
At dusk it comes out again,
Doing it's duty as a watcher,
Guardian of the sky, the night.

© by Jimmy age 17

Back At Me

With my problems from earlier today,
I look at the night sky and wish them all away.
Gazing at the moon,
Thinking about serenity,
I observe it shining and staring back at me.
Like a crystal ball
It's peering back at me.
It can not solve things,
But it can help things.
So when I'm lonely, or feeling depressed,
It helps me forget the rest.
Not everyone's nice;
Not everyone's lucky.
So that's how I play my day.
Speaking truth and speaking wisdom,
It's all that I have to say.
The moon's still peering,
Reminding me that I'm not alone.
It's staring back at me.

© by Jimmy age 17

Blinded Past

Maybe you'd be content with society
If you didn't try to force your egotistical views on others.

Your little club won't save your soul tonight.

Do you even see the light?
The light that's shining, oh, so bright.

Your contrived books will seal your fate tight . . .
Built by the hands of cons.

It's not your right to say others are wrong.

Take a look at your past.
Please, just glance back.
Look at your past.

The errors and answers are right in front of you.

All you have to do
Is tear off the blindfold Satan has put on your face.

The light won't blind you
But the blindfold will!

© by Jimmy age 17

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