Poems by Jessica

Blue Butterfly

Black Tuesday

Terror strikes
duty calls
to save the lives
before the tower falls

The clock is ticking
with no time to think
but only to react quickly
without a wink

People panic
people scream
they fear their worst
beyond any dream

They run with fear
and cry with shock
they all go running
in one giant flock

Over the bridges
through the streets
they ran in all directions
by the quickness of their feet

Their voices cried out
for help was heard
look here they come
all in a herd

The sirens rang loud
like one chilling scream
everyone knew...
what this would mean

They heard people's cries
many loud and clear
they have come to rescue us
without any fear

They are the heroes we know
they all ran inside
into a burning building
with no place to hide

It was the day of darkness
a day full of fear
for no one knew
what was near

The towers were to come crashing
in a blink of an eye
with thousands upon thousands
trapped inside

A nightmare, reality
shocking but true
for this was something
no one knew

Screams were heard
tears were shed
who knows where this
will head

The unthinkable has happened
the twins fell
and those who did this
will go to hell

Here we stand
we must unite
we all must come together
and work through the night

Those who are alive
are who we must find
we must begin our search
with no waste of time

Days will become nights
as a night will become a day
those who decided to do this
will soon begin to pay

Our brothers and sisters have died
and you are what's to blame
for this is where hatred has brought us
and ignorance should be ashamed

Many mourn
many cry
for they did not know their loved one
would die

Now we remember those who have fallen
and most of all those who ran in to the trouble
they are the heroes we know..
the heroes that lie beneath the rubble

A tragedy, it takes
to open our eyes
it took a whole nation
by surprise

For NOW we must stand
and unite
for we should all by willing
to go and fight

They took our loved ones
and with no shame
but now its our turn
to play their GAME......

By Jessica, Age 16

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