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Poems by Jannie

age 11, grade 6
Janie is from French Quebec
English is her 2nd language


I saw the last glance of him in the train,

I saw he still had the chain I gave him,

The color of his hair was brighter than ever,

I knew he would die,

I tried to keep him in my head

But I knew he would fade away,

The train started and I lost him,

Lost him forever.


I see my father lying down,

My friend is crying for me,

I lean down on my father,

The wind drying my tears,

I start to shiver and my sad friend

brings me home.


When I walk through the fields and

see dead bodies,

I feel lonliness.

The houses are wrecked

Most of the people have fled

I am the only one left.

I walk in this world thinking of old times,

of jolly times,

But that is past.

I now have to walk towards the future.


I can see it in his face that he really likes it.

The smile on his face is brighter than ever,

His eyes sparkle like stars,

and his nose looks like the moon in the night sky.

When he comes and thanks me,

I am sure I look the same.

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