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Age 8

Hridam was first spotted in his Science Class (writing his first poem) by his teacher at the age of 7+. Since then it has been going on and he wrote about 30 poems till now. Hridam's poems are not heavy. It all picked from his daily life experience. Many times it's funny but still he has a message for the reader. Like the last one he wrote ‘Family”. Hridam is a single child. He wants a sis or bro. Here is a question to his parents in a disguise of a poem “Family”: Why are you not getting sis or bro? He might be naughty, bad, kind … does not matter as long as he is member of a Family. Enjoy rhyming and reading with Hridam.

Hridam is an Indian, now living in Bahrain and drew his own pictures:

My Mother

My mother is great
She gives me
noodles on a plate

When I go to study,
She keeps everything ready.

On my birthday
She gave me a pet
And when its hungry
She keeps its food set.

My mother loves to do face book.
And always little worried about her look.

What a lovely mother I got!
And when she is tired,
She sits on the cot.

When something happens wrong
She makes it easy with a song.

How nice my mother is!!
And when I go to sleep,
She gives me a kiss.

by Hridam
Age 8
Copyright © 2014

My shoe box

My Shoe Box

I went to the shoe market
with my cat in a basket.
I bought a new pair of shoes
which I should wear
when I am in a cruise.

I went home
In Rome.

I took out my shoe box
from the packet
By mistake it fell
And hit my racket.

Of course It made a thud
As it did not fell on mud.

I went up to my room.
I took out the shoes from the box
to wear it with my shocks

Now what should I do with my box?
For me, it never rocks!
Should I keep my blocks?
Or my collection of rocks

Here comes my cat
who likes to hunt rat.
She likes to play on mat.
Her name is TOM
She is now a MOM

She gave birth to a kitten
who likes to eat chicken.
She is chased by a dog
Who always trips over a log

I got an idea.

It can be a bed for my cat
who likes to lick my bat.
I will keep a pillow
which is yellow
in my box.
Now the idea rocks!

At last, I made my decision
Now I have to find a correct position
Let me put it in the docket.
Wish it never falls and
hit again my racket

by Hridam
Age 9
Copyright © 2014

night sky

The Night Sky

The night Sky
And it is all mine
What a gentle shine
All the stars are ready to dine
One by one they all come in a line
To get their plates
And sit together with their mates

I asked my cat
Who was sitting on a mat
“can you see the beautiful night?”
She said
Sorry, I see only black and white.

Look at the night sky
The sunlight
Which I hate
Has gone out of our sight.


“Jhon, Come to bed”
…It was my mom
I went upstairs
and followed by my cat TOM

I went to bed
with my cat on my head.
And I went to sleep.
The stars started to peep.

by Hridam
Age 9
Copyright © 2014

My Cat

my cat
  Mr. cat
Sitting on a mat

Eating the cheese
Surrounded with bees
who are teasing Mr Cat
sitting on a mat

suddenly chasing the mice
who are very nice
they tried to run fast
but unfortunately came last
Into the stomach of Mr cat
again sitting on a mat
Now so so fat
And so, so glad

But in his stomach
There are mice who are sad.

by Hridam
Age 9
Copyright © 2014


Rain, Rain, Rain
This thought is situated
in everyone’s brain.
A lot of water to gain
Water is main

Drops of water,
Lots of it fill the crater
There are cries of laughter
They wet the floor
Near my door.
The rivers are overflowing
Wind is harshly blowing
But still there is happiness and joy
Oh boy, Oh Boy

All children play and run
It’s a lot of fun

There is darkness everywhere
Seems it has hidden the sun
The seedlings grow zero to one
They see a new life
Trees get new leaves
No more grief

Many children are wearing rain-coats
People are sailing by in boats

Rain is very important
Draught was very near
Farmers were in despair
Rain came as a savior

Now my friends
Collect more and more water from rain
Never ever, let this thought
out of your brain.

by Hridam
Age 10
Copyright © 2014



A family is something everybody needs
A family with enough food to eat
A family of good deed,
A family with no greed,
And for planting a small human seed
For getting brother or sister, Will you plead?
So this poem is for you to read

A sis or bro
Small or Big
What so?
Thin or fat
Sit, play, cry on a mat
Who stole my chocolate.
You little brat
Chasing my cat

A family of cats
A family of dogs
A family of trees with logs

A granna and granny
A Uncle and aunty
A sister or brother
A father and mother

Some families are big
Some are small
Some are mental
Some are mad
Some are sad
Some are rich
Some are poor
Some are mean
Some are kind
But if you are member
You don’t mind

by Hridam
Age 10
Copyright © 2014

The Sky is blue

The Sky is blue
Very high too.
The sky is nice to see.
If the sky would be me?

The sky is decorated with stars
which are white
It always come only
at night

When the moon comes in night
The sun gets out of our sight.
The moon has many phaces
The stories of moons and suns races

The sky has many colors
It has black and blue
Why sky is high above too?

The clouds are white
But not so at night
I like sunrise red
When the moon goes to bed

Sometimes the sky is cloudy
And the thunder sounds very loudly.

by Hridam
Age 8
Copyright © 2014

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