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Poems by Hannah C.


blue butterfly

A hole is a home for a rabbit
Water is for fishes at sea
A house is a home where people live
The one with a door and a key

Some animals live on a farm
A farm where horses go 'neigh'
They shelter in sheds and rest in beds
Beds made out of hay

That's why we need homes
To rest and play
So that's why homes are great
And that's all I can say

By Hannah
London, UK
Age 9


blue butterfly

Oh pandas are beautiful creatures,
They are black and white and rare,
They come in different sizes
And have a lot of hair!!!

They prefere to be cold and damp,
And spend most of their time on mountains,
They also like to be near water
Such as lakes and gushing fountains.

They live in Western China
And usually eat Bamboos
Unlike Dogs who chew
All our favourite shoes!!!!

By Hannah
London, UK
Age 9

The Day

blue butterfly

Arrive late
close the gate
walk in,
find Kim.
Teacher stops
pencil drops,
pick it up
whos that?
Lucy Mat

Time for lunch
munch munch,
play time
sing rymes.
go inside
walk with pride,
Ooh! its maths
time for laughs.

Going home
bath with foam,
into bed
Wheres my ted?
© By Hannah C
Age 9

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