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Poems by Emily

Blue Butterfly

O muse of poetry

O muse of poetry,
How can I write a poem to please thee?
It is true that poetry must come from the heart,
But I know not where to start.

Poetry must provide a peace of mind,
No matter what message one hopes to find.
Like a sailor on a journey out at sea,
A reader must be feel free to be.

A poem can be funny, happy or sad,
It can be mournful, grieving, or even glad.
It can bring tears to your eyes
Or makes you jump with surprise.

Poems are created for a special reason
There are more that one for every season.
Poets write them out of love
And to give hope like a dove.

Poems for the spring
About how joyful hearts sing.
Poems for the summer
And the woodpecker, that irritating drummer.

Poems for the fall
When the school bell begins to call.
And poems for the winter days
When the world is covered in a bright white haze.

Oh muses thank you for showing me
Just how a poem is meant to be.
I now know how to make a beautiful rhyme
I am grateful, muses, for your time.

© By Emily
Age 15

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