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A Poem by Emily
Age 6

Emily has been reading and writing since she was 4 and has not stopped. She writes everything, stories, books, notes, poems, factual information books and illustrates them all herself. She loves drawing and creating. Emily lives in England.

A Sunflower

A flower will grow from a tiny seed,
the right conditions is all you need.
Then out will pop a tiny shoot
that sucks up water from its root.

Leaves will grow high and low
some very heavy, some soft as snow.
Then comes the day the buds come out,
some tall stems and some ones stout.

There will be a beautiful flower
some smell sweet, some sour
The middle bit's the one to keep
it smells so sweet you fall asleep.

The next you know the seed will go,
and then it's time for the wind do blow.
And then the cycle keeps on going
next you know it's going on snowing.

(This sunflower was drawn by Emily)

by Emily.
Copyright © 11-19-12

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