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praying girl

Poems by Emily

praying girl


To fall asleep to the sound of rain,
What a dream.
To walk through a field of wild flowers
all blooming and green,
What a dream.
To meet the one I will love
for the rest of my life,
What a dream.

Dreams to make me smile,
and dreams to make me frown.
Dreams of beautiful stones,
still cobwebs in my head.
Dreams of great sorrow,
some of great dread.

Then there are the golden dreams
filled with romance galore,
but with pure intentions,
always pure.

Dreams to be pursued,
and dreams to be remembered.
Dreams to be shared,
and some to be kept tender.

Dreams of long haired damsels,
who will receive true love's first kiss.
Dreams of my husband in the future,
who must exist.

Dreams of hope,
still fresh in my mind.
Dreams of heaven,
and God's glory Devine.

Dreams of God s splendor, a
and of his son.
Dreams of lighting the darkest,
and most stung.

Who knows what dreams will take form,
of which will stay,
Only God knows the ones
he will chase away.

© Copyright 2005 By Emily, Age 17
God is Love gif

My Dear Little Story      

My dear little story
still fresh in my head.
You're on my mind,
even when I wake up from bed.

You stay with me,
until your life thread is spun.
And then dear little story,
you're all one.

At first you're only a cobweb,
taking up space.
But then your ideas
start coming at a fast pace.

Like a slow dancer,
you circle and twirl.
Giving me your adventures,
romantic thrills.

You demand for me,
to get you out on paper.
Until I need the stapler.

To staple your many pages,
into one complete form.
And then dear little story
I feel very torn.

I feel so sad to see,
you're gone from my mind.
Because dear little story.
you were an excellent friend.

Yet, I feel glad to see,
you're complete,
To feel your pulsing beat.

Even after you're gone.
you stay with me forever strong.

You stay In my heart
locked in a special part.

Even when the next story
Becomes an idea,
I wiIl still feel your thrill.

© Copyright 2005 By Emily, Age 17
praise gif


I love the way the moonlight flickers through my room,
choosing a few selected items to shine at in the gloom.

Choosing lots of people to comfort in the night,
keeping them from their nightmares,
keeping them from their fright.

The moonlight is another comfort sent from God above,
to feel us with his comfort, his mercy, and his love.

He knows who the moonlight is comforting tonight,
someone who needs it to keep them feeling airight.

That's the way God show he's there,
through his wonderless and endless works,
as well as all his little quirks.

© Copyright 2005 By Emily, Age 17
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