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Poems by Clara

praying girl My name is Clara, age 10,
I was 7 when I started writing.
I hope you find joy in this.

praying girl

It's Hard Being A Kid In The World Today

Kids at school can be so cruel,
they laugh at your clothes, and shoes,
they laugh at the things you do.

But Mom says that's the way the world is today.
Just don't pay attention and learn to pray.
And the Lord will use you some day.

blue butterflySo Here Is My Prayer
praying girl
Dear Heavenly Father Son of God.
If you can use the sun and the moon, you can use me.
If you can use the leaves on the trees, you can use me.
If you can use the bees and their hives, you can use me.
    Use me Lord, use me
Use my mind Lord to think only good about people.
Use my eyes Lord to look past the color of the skin
and the clothes on their back.
Use my arms Lord to lift you up with praise.
Use my hands Lord to pray for others each day.
Use me heart Lord to keep my faith.
Use my knees Lord to bow down to pray.
Use my feet Lord to walk in your path.
    Use me Lord, Use me.
If people would look at your heart they would know
we are all alike, one body, one heart, one soul.
Thank you Lord for loving me, Amen Clara

I wrote this last year for my mom's Christmas present.

A Talk To Santa

blue butterfly
I was looking through the presents under the Christmas tree.
I saw about 100 for mom, dad, and me.
I jumped for joy and began to sing.
Then I realized, there was none for the King.
Did Santa forget? Did he read my note?
Maybe he couldn't read what I had wrote.
So I went to see Santa that very day.
I explained I needed a gift, one that shows love,
For Jesus who lives above.
Then a strange look came across his face.
As I explained about His love and grace.
How He died so we can receive.
If only we believe.
How He now sets at the right hand of the Boss.
And how He was born to hang on the cross.
He healed the sick, caused the blind to see.
He even left the Holy Spirit for you and me.
I looked up at Santa he had a tear in his eye.
I asked him what makes you cry?
He answered me right away.
"It's not the gifts you buy nor the money you spend,
It's the heart of love and the praised you send".
You already have His gift it lives within.
It's your faith that's good enough for Him.
Now I want to thank you child for reminding me,
that the gift of the heart is the most important you see.
So I guess even Santa can learn from the faith of a child.
Signed with love

Clara age 10

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