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Poems by Chloe B.
Age 9

Chloe has always loved ryhmes and poems and as soon as she was old enough to write she discovered she had an unusual talent for writing her own poems! Chole is from England/UK.

My Family

babysister Sister,
Picks her nose,
Bites her toes
She is really very bad.
She frustrates us all the time
She makes us all so mad.

She worries all the time
And she is such a bossy boots.
She always wants to look good
When she wears her fancy suits.

He is always watching football
He eats chocolates every day
And he is always very lazy
If it is ok for me to say.

Curling tongs
Knitting needles
Clothes that make you stare
But me and mum and dad,
We don't really care.

I'm so angelic
I'm always very good,
I'm just a little Angel
Doing what I should!

by Chloe
Copyright © 2006

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