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Poems by Bronwyn


The sun sets in the sky
Then the sun said goodbye
Then the sky turns dark
The trees are all stark

Snow begins to fall
The snowflakes are very small
The world is covered in white
Even day seems like night

It's so cold outside
Inside the house I hide
How I wish summer was here
It seems so far and yet so near

I wait for summer to some
I wait for the warmth of the sun
So I can play and run
Wait just a minute I see the sun!

By:bronwyn age 12


Clouds I see in the sky
All in different shapes
Look there's a dragon and a snake
All day I watch the sky
To see what sort of clouds go by
It's kind of short I hope that's o.k

By: bronwyn age 12


As rain softly falls to the ground,
there is quiet not a single sound.
As I peer out my window,
I hear something it's silence
Then silence spreads throughout the house
Nothing is stirring not even a mouse
As I listen I hear,
birds chirping that are near
what a lovely sound,
hapiness and joy is spread around

By:Bronwyn age 12


Candy is sweet

Candy is yummy

Candy is nice in my tummy

Candy tastes really really good

Candy tastes like vegtables should!


What is Heaven?

Does it really exist?

Where is Heaven?

Is heaven what we want it to be?

Or it might not be what it seems.

Is heaven just in our imaginations?

Or is it one of God's wonderful creations?

But we all know heaven exists.

Or else how would we be here?

And what did we miss?

We have no logical explanation.

We'll have to see

Until then

let us live and be free.

By: Bronwyn Galbraith age 12

If You Could Fly

If you could fly where would you go?

Would you fly to the moon?

Would you fly to the stars?

Would you fly away very very far?

Would you fly to Paris?

Would you fly to England?

Would you fly to see your favorite band?

Would you fly all day with the birds?

Would you fly to the sea?

What would it be like to be so free???

By: Bronwyn Galbraith age 12

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