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Poetry by April


What is paradise, what can it be?
is it the same to you as it is to me?

is it a place where one forgets their problems for a while
some where where people just stop and smile?

or is it something deeper? A place that dosent end
where you have the rest of your life to spend?

Is it a place where you are happy with who you are
where all is good and bad is a far

A place where calmness runs from your head to your toe
where relaxation and comfort are all that you know

What is paradise, What can it be?
Is it the same to you as it is to me?

© By April
Age 15

My dad

flying bird

My dad is the pigeon man, the best that I do know
he works hard with his pigeons just to make it so

he's up feeding and watering at the first ray of light
and checking up on them at the start of each night

When the pigeons are ready my dad starts to train
he does this faithfully, except when theres rain

The pigeons fly home in the time that they should
My dad proudly smiles, because he knew that they would

Racing season will now begin
my dad enters his pigeons hoping they will win

time to find out the results of the race
My dad the best pigeon man ever has won first place

© By April
Age 15

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