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Poems by Amina B.
Age 12

Amina has been writing poems for about 2 years. She uses her amazing imagination to make you see her point. Amina has loved writing poetry since a very young age, but has never put as much effort into each verse as she does now. Amina is from England

Life of an Orphan

Life is so free, yet so restricted,
From all happiness I am evicted.

The earth is so full, yet so much more empty,
I sit in silence as all eyes watch me.

The world plays together, yet I am so alone,
We all have shelter but I have no home.
Everyone is cared for, yet I am so neglected,
They make fun of me, no sadness is detected.

Everyone is happy, yet I am so sad,
I wonder why they treat me so bad.
We are all well educated, yet I go to no school,
They are mean because they think it is cool.

Everyone is eating, yet I have no food,
I know they laugh, but why be so rude,
Everyone matters, yet I am called names,
They will call me a tramp, I know, they are all the same,

They hit me, hurt me, yet I feel no pain,
I know tomorrow they will do it again.
Outside on sunny days they'll drink their sugared tea,
But no one knows that the sun will never shine for me.

by Amina B
Copyright © 2006


Where does water come from?
It's time we had a think,
Though it has many uses,
Not all have it to drink.

Some times from rain,
Filling our rivers to the top,
But that's here in England,
Others don't get a drop.

97 percent salt water,
And only 1 percent that's free,
2 percent stored as ice in the poles,
And not for all it is clean.

We use ours for cooking,
For bathing and for more,
The poorest in the world,
Have a bucket-full to store.

Not so healthy for them,
Because it's full of soil,
We also use it for transportation,
It's not for us to spoil.

For many people in this world,
Water supply is not near,
Dying from their only water,
Must be a daily fear.

The children, the adults,
Like you and me,
Have dirty rivers,
Or polluted seas.
So every time you have a drink,
Take some time to think,
For those who live through scorching sun,
You have clean water, they have none.

by Amina B
Copyright © 2006

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