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Poems by Alix B.
Age 13

Alix began writing poetry on her own as a way to release her thoughts and emotions when she was a young child of 5 when she was separated from her family in VietNam. After excaping VietNam on her own to come to the US, because of the war, her life growing up and all the regular issues that a regular child goes through were very different and difficult for her. These early private and prized pieces were poems that she sent to her mom and dad and siblings. God plays a very central and key roll in her life. This poem is about being touched by God.

Just Only One Word

As I lay alone in bed
One image comes to my mind,
That is the image of you
So sweet, so gentle, so kind,
So clearly I see your picture,
And tenderly I feel your touch>
Your bright and glowing smile,
No one a copy such
From the day when we first met
Until the days that bring tomorrow
Continuously you shine your light
That takes away my sorrow.

No thousand words can say
All that you've done for me,
Instead just only one
That word is "love" you see
"Love" sums up all my thoughts,
And brings me all I need.
It leaves nothing behind
Nothing that must heed
So starting from today,
Till the rest of my tomorrows
I want to give you the same
And take away your sorrows.

For I will always love you
No matter which way life turns.
You'll always be that part of me
That will last and never burns.

by Alix B.
Copyright © 2006

A Thousand Tear Drops

Each tear drop is a feeling.
Each tear drop is a cry.
So many times they've fallen;
Each time I still must try
At times they were for happiness,
And others were for the sorrow.
For times I've been afraid
That there is no tomorrow.
Each tear drop is a part of me
The "me" that is deep inside.
Whenever I'm alone,
These tear drops do not I hide.
There were times they fell for love,
The love that I once shared.
Then times they had no reason
But among these 1000 drops
The ones that fell the most,
Was because of my failure
My failure to you, my Holy Ghost.

by Alix B.
February 1, 1990 at 14 years old
Copyright © 2006

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