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Poems by Adrian

Hi. My name's Adrian. I've been writing poetry my whole life, but this is the first time I've ever let people know that I do. No one has ever shown me the correct way to write it out, so if corrections need to be made, feel free to make them as long as it keeps the same words and stuff in it. Im 14, so it might seem a little inexperienced, but its from the heart, and that's what matters, right? Well, here ya go. God bless and enjoy.

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Throughout the Night

Otherwise normal sounds in the night,
Evoke a tremor of childish fright.
There's an unknown culprit playing with your ear,
Who may bring sights if not something to hear.
But I must confess they seem to me,
To be nothing but paltry trivialities.
A twitch in a bush, a howl in the trees,
A spectacle of creation and artistry.
Creating such an amiable environment,
Leaves me with comfort and love so ardent.
A pallid moon shines down from the sky,
Highlighting fictional characters, allusions to the eye.
I'm greatly elated as all these remind,
Of an omnipresence that cannot be denied.
For it's God who brought forth these sounds and sights,
And continues their production throughout the night.

© Adrian.

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