SEO Checklist for a Website Redesign Planning Guide

It's important to have a plan when redesigning a website because leaving out important changes can affect your ranking in search engines. One of the most important changes is to make sure your plan includes website redesign with SEO or (Search Engine Optimization) so you'll have a better chance for higher keyword ranking in search engines.

Some website owners want to keep their original layout and just need the code cleaned up or the site optimized for better search engine ranking. Others will want a complete new redesign so all of the following may not apply to your situation:

The following is a redesign plan for a small businesses without a shopping cart:

SEO Checklist

Correct file names with Htaccess

One of the biggest problems I've seen is designers don't know how to use an htaccess file when removing old files or changing file names. Search engines need to be told when a page is removed or the name changed and this is done with redirects so they will un-index them or index them properly. However these changes should be used with caution as it can take several weeks for search engines to reindex your pages and for ranking to improve. An error in the code can also cause the whole site to go down.

Redesign cost

The cost of redesigning a website depends on the skills of the designer and the features you want on your website. Programmers (who design shopping carts, databases and software) and graphic artists (who design fancy graphics) usually charge a lot more than your general web designer. Also keep in mind that programmers and graphic artists rarely understand SEO and that factor alone can cripple a website without a SEO friendly shopping cart. So if you don't need a lot of bells and whistles you already have your graphics you may be able to get a site redesign at a reasonable price by just hiring a general web designer.

SEO is a Must

With any website redesign one of your most important requirements will be someone who understands SEO or search engine optimization because without it your site may not rank in the search engines for your preferred keywords. See the rates page for prices or the responsive web design portfolio page for samples. You may also need a Detailed SEO Analysis Reports before you start the redesign of your website:

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