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Lori's Web Design has been in business since 2000 after attaining a BA in English, taking several Internet classes and working in computer labs for 4 years while in college. She specializes in website redesign for mobile and custom design preferring to work for small businesses or personal pages. See the bio on the bottom of the home page for more information about her education, skills and experience.

Personalized Service

Lori has no employees so your website gets her personal attention. Lori spends several hours every week researching current search engine trends from top SEO experts, such as Google Algorithm updates, and is constantly learning new techniques to promote better ranking for her clients in the major search engines.

Custom Web Development

Lori encourages clients to provide the text for their websites (unless they need a content writer, which she can provide) and utilizes their own design preferences, if possible (some features will not work on small mobile devices). Most redesign clients prefer to keep the same layout and just have the code updated.

SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is incorporated into everything Lori does. It is not a separate service. She is on constant watch for issues that would cause a ranking problem in the content that clients provide for the website, i.e., using the main keyword too often, or not enough.

SEO Analysis

Lori also provides In-Depth SEO Analysis Reports of your website covering problems that can be affecting your page load speed, over or under optimization, broken links and other factors that affect your keyword ranking in organic searches. She also looks for over-optimized keywords on your web pages to determine if you've been hit by Google's Panda Algorithm which looks for spammy content.

Handwritten Code

All of the HTML code utilized by Lori's Web Design (LWD) is written by hand, thus eliminating costly web design software upgrades and keeping costs down. This also means that Lori can dig into your code and spot hidden problems that most of today's designers never learned. Hand written code also reduces massive code bloat often found on Wordpress, CMS programs, Website Builders, etc., and helps your website load faster. With Page Speed being a new Google ranking factor this is more important than ever.

Mobile Website Redesign

Lori specializes in Web Design for mobile devices using the responsive method. This enables the website to display the site correctly in all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The content on the page needs to be flexible enough to move around on the page depending on which device is being used. Items that float to the left or right on a desktop often need to be centered on a mobile device.

SEO report of R Wanner

SSL Certificates

Setting up SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is also an available service, which encrypts data between the web server and browsers when people send an email or fill out a contact form. If you will notice there is a little green padlock in front of the url for this page, and the url starts with https, which means this site has a SSL. I usually perform this service either after or right before a redesign. Google gives a slight increase in ranking for sites that have an SSL installed [1].

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lori incorporates sound SEO practices as she works on all websites, such as using relevant titles, text and descriptions so they can be easily found by the search engines. She follows an in-depth website redesign planning guide and puts forth a special effort to see that your website has the ability to gain generic ranking in search engines.

Backlink Analysis

Analyzing links coming into your site can help determine if you have been hit by Google's Penguin Algorithm. It was designed to drop the keyword ranking of websites if they used their main keywords too often in anchor text or had too many low quality backlinks from spammy websites.

Lori can advise you on the following:

Website Maintenance

Lori's customer service includes maintenance for all the websites she designs as well as ranking reports, upgrading code, keeping clients informed of Google algorithm changes, checking for broken links and website backup.

Website Marketing

The needs of most clients varies depending on their focus. Local service businesses need to be listed in local directories and those with an international focus need a more widespread marketing plan.

Affordable Web Design Rates

Lori is also a Christian web designer so utilizes ethical business practices. For more information see the see the Rates page, the Web Design Experience page for Lori's education and skills related to designing of websites, the testimonies page for references from satisfied clients, and check out the Mobile Web Design Portfolio for samples of websites already redesigned.

To receive an estimate for a redesign fill out the quote form, or Email Lori at or call +1 509-397-6000 for more information.

Testimonies From Clients

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1. Official Google Webmaste Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal