A Collection HTML, CSS and Graphic Web Design Tips

The following is a collection of articles of interest to anyone involved in Web Design, containing design tips for website redesigns, Graphics Programs, HTML, CSS, formatting menus, making backgrounds and textures, how to find good backlinks, hosting and linking scams, and preventing web page hijacking and content scraping.

  • Website Redesign
    Several reasons why your website may need to be redesigned.
  • Website Redesign Planning Guide
    Several steps you need to take when redesigning your website.
  • HTML Tips
    How to prevent spacing around forms and how to set up meta tags on a web page.
  • CSS Tips
    Several CSS or Cascading Style Sheet tips on how to set up CSS to format text, add drop shadows to images, add a border to a web page, add backgrounds, and format multiple table cells.
  • Fireworks Tutorials
    Fireworks tutorials showing how to straighten distorted photos, set up vertical backgrounds and a drop shadow tutorial.
  • Photoshop Tutorials
    How to make feathered edges on a photo, design a gradient background or one that's textured or how to emboss an image in Photoshop.
  • Free Backgrounds and Textures
    Several samples of background tiles and how to set them up on a web page.
  • Menu Samples
    Several menu samples of both vertical and horizontal menus.
  • How To Get Good Backlinks
    How to find good backlinks and methods to avoid.
  • In-Depth SEO Audit Reports
    A detailed look at your website looking for issues harming your generic keyword ranking.
  • Linking Scams
    A list of linking scams that can cause your website to be penalized by Google if you get involved in them.
  • Directories that Pass PR
    A list of directories that pass PR and linking practices that are being penalized by Google.
  • Internet Hosting Scams
    Several things to watch out for when choosing a hosting company.
  • Web Page Hijacking
    How to spot a web page hijacking and how to get it stopped.
  • Stop Stolen Content
    How to find out if your website has been copied and how to stop it.
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