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A Tutorial on How to Straighten a Distorted Photo in Fireworks 8

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This tutorial will explain how to straighten a photo that is distorted, because the camera wasn't held at the correct angle. The lens should not be below, above or to the left or right of center but right in the center of the scene.

This photo distortion can be easily corrected with a graphics program that applies a grid to the photo and also allows you to transform or distort it. This tutorial was designed for Fireworks 8 on the Mac but it may work on other programs with similar features.

Original Distorted Photo

original snowman picture

Apply a Grid to the Photo

The first step is to apply a grid to the photo so you can see where it needs to be straightened. Select the photo then go to the Menu/View/Grid and click on "Show Grid."

how to click on Show Grid

      The result should look like this:
attach grid to photo

Attach Distort Handles to Photo

The 2nd step is to attach the "distort" handles so you can stretch the photo to it's proper shape.go to Menu/Modify/Transform and select "distort".

attaching distort handles

This shows the grid and distort handles:
attach distort handles to photo

Move Distort Handles to Straighten Photo

Once you click on one of the handles move the cursot until it is over one of the handles then click and hold down on the mouse and drag. Drag the handles until the image is aligned with the grid (with this image the edge of the frame was used to align with the grid). You can move the handles up and down and left and right. You may have to move all 4 corners. Do not drag the center handles or the edge won't change.

move distort handles to straighten photo

Finished Image

When you are satisfied with the photo unclick "show grid", use the crop tool to crop the image and save it. See finished image belw:

finished image

This image was used courtesy of Gene Amondson and can be found on his Whimsical Watercolors page.

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