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How to Make a Watermark And Add it to a Photo in Fireworks

This tutorial may work on other graphics programs, however they may use different terminology for the tools being used.

photo of a yellow rose with finished watermark
The finished photo of a yellow rose with a Watermark

  1. Open a new document: File/New.
  2. Set width and height of the image (about 250 x 30). You may want a smaller size if you are adding the watermark to smaller images.
  3. Choose transparent canvas color
  4. Using the text tool mark the spot where you want the text to appear and indicate the font name, size and color in properties panel (I used Palatino, 16px and med gray). Choose a color similar to a part of the image (it will be either lightened or darkened later depending on the background).
  5. Type in the text (usually the business name or domain) with the copyright symbol which can be found under Window/Others/Special Characters).
  6. transparent image with watermark text
  7. Crop the image so it's slightly bigger than the text.
  8. Choose "Save As" (not export) so it will be saved as an editable png file. Name the file with watermark-NameGoesHere.png. If you put "watermark" in front of the file name they will all be in one place after you load them into Fireworks.
  9. Save the watermark image in: Applications/Adobe Fireworks/Configuration/Patterns. Also save a copy in your documents folder in case you ever have to reinstall Fireworks.
  10. You have to restart Fireworks before the watermark will be available.

How to Add the Watermark to a Photo

  1. Open the photo that needs a watermark.
  2. Make a rectangle about the size of the watermark with the rounded rectangle tool. It will pick up the last background color you used but ignore this as it will disappear later.
  3. pattern applied to the photo
  4. Place the rectangle where the text will be mostly the same color as the image or some of the letters will be darker than others.
  5. With the rounded rectangle box still highlighted, go to the properties panel and under "choose fill" click on the drop down box and scroll down and choose "pattern". It will bring up Fireworks Patterns. Choose the watermark you made above and it will apply the watermark to your image. Notice it looks distorted (repeating copyright text and off center), however, we'll fix that in the next steps.
  6. photo with watermark on it before it's edited
    choosing the watermark
  7. You can adjust where the text is placed with the pointer tool. Click on the black circle and move it to the lower left of the rectangle so the copyright symbol appear first. If there are letters above click on the blue highlight button on upper right and move that to the left and down until the upper letters disappear. Now click on the watermark again and move it where you think it will look best (same shade or color underneath, keeping it in the main part of the image or it can be cropped out (see image below).
  8. photo with watermark applied to it after it's moved and resized
  9. Now you need to lighten the color of the text so it's barely noticeable. Go to the properties panel under Opacity and using the scroll bar keep scrolling down until the text is barely noticeable (you want it noticeable enough so you will be able to spot it yourself incase you're searching for your images that have been copied). I chose an opacity of 25% on the following photo so you can barely see it.
  10. photo of a yellow rose with finished watermark
    The finished photo of a yellow rose with a Watermark

    Choosing the opacity of the watermark text
  11. Save the finished image as both a gif or jpg file and also a png file so you can edit it later if you want.

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