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Testimonies from Cients of Lori's Web Design

The following are testimonies from clients who had their websites redesigned. I have arranged them according to size of testimony with the smallest on top. So some of the best ones are on the bottom. Some of the sites are no longer online due to the domain changing hands, the business being sold or closing, a family member taking over the website, the owner wiped out by hurricanes or retiring and other reasons.

"I just wanted to share what has been going on with the web site, early this week I typed in Mercedes parts in goggle just to see if there is any movement with the web site, I must say I was very astonished to see our web site on the First page for that Query. I have had this web site for just over (8) years, the truth is I had never even thought that we could make it there, that was of course before you got involved with our web site, I never called you when I saw it because I thought it was a Fluke and did not want to get too exited quite yet, so I decided to wait a few days to see if it was still there, it is, as a mater of fact it was actually ninth out of ten on the first page, it has since moved up over about three web sites.

I must tell you I am very gratefull for what you have done for me, this is only three weeks since the web site went public, I probably was expecting results maybe in the third month after the web site went up, definitely not this early.

I would be ashamed to say the amount of money I have spent with all kinds of people, promising all kind of results, to no avail. Again, Thank you for sticking with it, for me.

Smitty, Smitty's Auto Service

"I searched long and hard before finding Lori to fix my website problems. I have used numerous big firms and San Francisco companies, only to be let down in service. When I was searching, I kept finding this Lori's Web Design from Spokane. I kept on thinking I need someone bigger and from New York City, or San Francisco. My site competes with companies that do hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year, and have entire teams of IT people just keeping their websites up to date on search engine optimization."

"I had a silicon valley firm make my site and they messed it all up. They used black hat/grey hat seo techniques to try to get me to compete and ended up getting my site totally dropped by Google."

"Lori took over, and went back to the basics and forced me to make some tough changes in what I wanted to do with the site. She doesn't mess around with the latest little tricks that might work for a month or two and then when Google changes it's algorithym gets you dropped. She just makes you stick to the fundamentals of a good website."

"When she fixed my site, it immediately came back on google. The San Francisco firm spent litterally months trying to figure out what was wrong. When she got done updating it, I skyrocketed in ranking for almost all my major terms. Now, my site even beats .gov sites, and wikipedia on some of my terms."

"I've noticed some of my competitors now trying to copy what Lori has done with my site, just to keep up. I have searched and searched, and don't need to search anymore. You can have the fanciest site in the world with all kinds of graphic design and flash but if Google doesn't like it, it isn't going to do you much good. My sales and hits and new clients have gone up so much since she redid my site, I can't even track it. Worth every penny."
D.K. Northwest Registered Agent, LLC.

"Traffic Power called me today trying to sell me their services. I didn't have much to do and was in a good mood so I let her give me her speech telling me how we weren't ranking well. I told her we did rank well and why should I have to pay for a top ranking that I am going to get bid out of down the road? She said they don't do it that way.

"She passed me off to her manager who tried again. First he tried to tell me that our home page didnt have a page ranking. I think he thought I wouldn't know what that meant but my webmaster keeps me informed on these things.

"Then I told him I knew we were at PR 4 or 5 and that my webmaster has us at the top for our major search terms, so why would I want to pay someone else for it?

"Then he said lets search and see where you are at (forgetting I'd just been told my site had no rank). Stupid man!

"I told him, to start with, we did drop quite a bit in Google a few months ago since they changed their algorithym but my webmaster had been working to get it back up.

"By the time he got done he was saying, "Well I guess you don't need us".

he he he he he :o) keep up the good work Lori, and thank you, Carol Krause, Hammersmith Hill Thoroughbreds

Note from Lori: Traffic Power is a company that had been exposed in several search engine newsletters in july 2004 for using hidden unethical code on their clients websites (unknown to the client) that got sites banned from search engines and it took months to recover from being banned.

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