Steps To Move Your Website to a New Domain

The following describes the steps you need to take when moving from one domain name to another on the same server or hosting account, and how to prevent a drop in ranking. It's best that you don't change the design layout when moving to a new domain so wait a few months after the search engines have completely indexed the new domain. If your site has been penalized by Google's Panda or Penguin algorithms then you should start over with a completely new domain and don't set up redirects from the old domain or the penalty will be transferred to the new domain.

Cpanel changes on your preferred domain hosting account:

Change the following on the new domain files (on your computer)

Load new site pages onto server:

Set up 301 redirect from old domain to new:

After 301s from old domain to new are working

After 1-2 weeks:

When to expect website to recover

Google says you may experience short term fallback for keyword ranking for 7-30 days then up to 90% pages should be indexed over next 90 days and then full strength after 90 days.

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