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I have been serving Christian businesses, non-profits and ministries since 2000. My main goal as a Christian web designer is to be as honest as possible in all my dealings with all my web design clients and to deliver what I promised.

I have been a Christian since 1982 (after reading Hal Lindey's Late Great Planet Earth) and have been a professional Christian web designer since 2000. I learned most of what I know about the Bible through Calvary Chapel, Spokane, where I attended for over 20 years.

Christian Education

Being exposed to a cult for several years as a small child, I studied up on all the cults after becoming a believer and focused on bible doctrine for the next 20 years thru Calvary Chapel. I have attended several other churches since then, recently a Baptist Church.

Christian Web Design Services

Lori's Web Design offers many website design services for clients, such as organic search engine optimization, website redesigns, custom designs and maintenance for Christian businesses or ministries as well as In-Depth SEO Analysis Reports.

All of the websites I design or redesign are set up for Mobile devices as well as SSL certificates that encrypt all communication via email or contact forms.

Most of my clients prefer to keep their original website design and just have their code cleaned up so they can rank better in search engines. I also provide custom web development and can help clients set up or maintain their social media networking presence.

I have no employees (can't find anyone who portrays the same Christian values, web design and SEO skills as myself), so you get my personal attention where web development is concerned. I maintain all the websites I redesign.

I keep my prices very reasonable because I write HTML code by hand and design my own graphics and therefore don't need to buy or upgrade costly programs like Dreamweaver or Photoshop.

Being able to read and write HTML code also enables me to dig into the code of websites and figure out what is hampering keyword ranking.

Check out the testimony page and also the web design prices page if you're interested in having me check out your website.

Areas of Christian Ministry:

I Volunteered for Many Ministries at Calvary Chapel.

Involvement in other Christian Ministries

My Favorite Christian Ministries

Reasons for Hope a youth ministry led by Carl Kerby, a former board member of Answers in Genesis giving biblical answers to real-world questions.

Chuck Missler's Koinonia House Topics ranging from prophecy to current events, to practical Christian living.

Lamb and Lion Ministries a Bible prophecy ministry of Dr David Reagan proclaiming the soon return of Jesus Christ.

Hal Lindsey A news site dedicated to news analysis of current events from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

Les Feldick One of the best "Faith Plus Nothing" Bible teachers I've ever listened to who is able to differentiate which scriptures were meant for Jews and which for Christians, and rightly divides Law vs Grace.

Berean Bible Society is a great site for grace believers (salvation by grace through faith in the shed blood of Christ) with many articles and videos available.

Bible Doctrine is a site that emphasizes Paul's Gospel focused on the Grace of God and has numerous articles on many doctrinal issues.

Some of my Christian Clients:

See other sites I have designed or redesigned in my Web Design Portfolio.

Lori's Christian Web Designer Statement of Faith

There's a lot more that this Christian Web Designer believes so feel free to ask if you want.

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Email Lori at Info@loriswebs.com or call 509-397-6000 for more information.

Lori Eldridge
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