Internet Seo Scams And How to Avoid Them

A collection of articles providing instructions on how to avoid SEO scams and ripoffs and other Internet frauds and schemes.

Internet Hosting Scams How to avoid web hosting scams such as "free web space", "free domain names" and "Free Web Templates", Reseller "Hosts", and other dishonest hosting practices that aren't really "free".

Link Submission Scams Submission scams that you should avoid (buying and selling links, trading links in trade for a service and triangular linking) because they will only harm your website.

Domain Registration Scam How to make sure the domain registration renewal you got in the mail if from your domain registrar and not someone trying to scam you to changing registrars.

What to do When your Web Designer Steals your Domain name and what you have to do to get it back.

When to Avoid Link Trade Requests. A long list of things to watch out for that can harm your website when someone requests that you trade links.

Guaranteed Link Building Scams How to recognize a scam that uses a network of websites (blogs, forums, directories, etc.) where they promise to post your link, often with High PR (Page Rank).

Dangers of Article Submission Why you have to be careful when submitting your articles as it can cause your website a penalty.

How To Move Off Free Host How to extricate yourself from a "Free" Web Host, set up redirects and still keep most of your traffic.

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Web Page Hijackings How to stop web site or web page hijackings and report the hijackers to Google and other engines.

How to Find 302 Hijacker Steps to take to tell if your website or web page has been hijacked, and what you can do to report the ripoff artists.

Report 302 Redirects How to contact search engines to report a scraper or hijacker and also how to contact the hijacker or the hijaker's host and file a DMCA report as a last resort.

Stop Content Theft How to tell if the content on your web pages has been stolen and where you can report it to Google and Yahoo and also how to report a domain that is hiding their contact info and using their domain or illegal purposes.

How to find Scraper Directory How to determine if a site is a directory set up only for the purpose of scraping the content off other's websites and where to report them.

Triangular Linking Schemes An article explaining what's wrong with the triangular linking scheme (i'll link to your site from this site if you link to my other site over here). The Google God is watching!!!

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