How to Get Better Ranking in Search Engines

The following SEO tips and web marketing strategies were designed to provide you with ideas on how to optimize your site to get better keyword ranking in search engines. The following articles cover compatibility with other computer platforms and browsers, technology that blocks search engines, keyword strategies, link submission tips, validating html code, trading links, the best search engine friendly shopping carts and submitting sites to search engines.

Keyword Ranking & SEO Tips

Technology that Blocks Some Search Engines and Browsers: Frames, databases, forms, Dynamic HTML, Java Applets and much more can prevent proper search engine indexing.

Don't Put Capitals in File Names: An explanation of why capitals in file names can harm your keyword ranking.

Dynamic HTML vs Static Pages: An explanation of why Dynamic HTML, Flash, Javascript, Image Maps and sites designed in Frames stop search engines dead in their tracks and prevents SEO.

Keyword Strategies: Tips on how the strategic placement of keywords on your web pages can provide higher ranking in search engines.

How to Optimize the Title Tag: Tips on how to optimize the title tag and examples of what you can or shouldn't do to increase keyword ranking.

Validators: A review of several HTML validator tools.

Links to Your Site are Top Priority: Too many site owners don't realize that links are one of the most important features of that increase SEO. This page contains tips on how to find other web sites to link to your website.

How Long Does It take to Rank in Google: A list of onsite and offsite factors that affect your ranking in Google and how long it takes to get a good keyword rank.

SEO Friendly Shopping Carts: Features you should look for when choosing shopping cart software so your website has a better chance of high keyword ranking.

Link and Article Submission Tips

Submitting websites to Search Engines and Directories: Tips on how to submit to search engines and what to watch out for to prevent your site from being penalized.

Dangers of Article Submission: What to watch out for when submitting articles to directories

Backlinks to Avoid: Where to find the best backlinks and what kinds of sites to avoid to prevent harming your website.

How to Find a Good Web Designer: What skills and experience you should look for in a web designer and what to avoid.

Directories that Pass PR (Page Rank): What features to look for when your goal is to gain PR for your website.

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