How to Rank Higher in Google's Local Pack

If you have a local business or service and only sell products or services to a specific geographic location you need to rank high in Google's Local Pack.

What is Google's Local Pack?

Google Local Pack Search Results for "web designer, Colfax, WA"
local pack search for web designer colfax, wa

When searching for a product or service in Google, with city and state included, 3 businesses will appear in search results under a map. Each listing will have a link to their website with another link for directions, and include stars for Google reviews of their business. This is Google's Local Pack.

I have included a sample of what the Local Pack results look like via a search for "web designer Colfax WA". I live in a small town so it's easier to rank for local searches than most. I have 5 Google reviews and participate in social networking. My site is also 19 years old and listed in Google My Business, as well as multiple local directories like Yelp and Yellow pages which helps.

How to Improve Ranking:

To improve your ranking for local search you not only need to have a well designed website that lists your location, phone and zip in prominent places but you also need to make sure you have filled out your Google My Business page. You need to fill in all the information available, including logo and several pictures of your business. It also helps if local businesses link to your website.

It will also help your ranking if you can get several reviews of your business via Google, Yelp and other review sites. Participating in as many different social networks as possible will also help. Check your current ranking and then compare it to ranking several weeks after you make the changes to see if it helped. If not, increase your social activity and try to get more reviews.

If you Move, Change your Local Listings

If you move from one city or state to another it is very important that you not only update your address on your website but also in your Google MY Business page. Also check all your local directory listings and update your address and phone number or it will reduce your ranking in local search.

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