A Portfolio of Custom Designed Websites

The following websites are not set up for mobile yet. They were either custom designed from scratch according to the site owner's preferences or my website redesign service. Clients usually keep the same layout and images so these don't necessarily reflect my preferences. They will soon be set up for mobile devices and will then be moved to the Mobile Webdesign Portfolio.

Most of these websites had technical problems preventing higher keyword ranking and were re-coded to improve their rank and not necessarily for aesthetic reasons. Most clients prefer to keep the old layout and logo so the originals didn't change that much, other than the coding.

Several of the redesigned sites listed in this portfolio were originally set up with WYSIWYGs or CMS (drag and drop) programs that contained massive code bloat or had other problems that prevented proper search engine indexing. Graphic artists and programmers often make beautiful websites but unless they have extensive SEO knowledge their designs can destroy keyword ranking.

Hand coded HTML used on all web pages.
No templates or WYSIWYGs used here.

Some clients just want a web presence and are not actively pursuing more traffic. However, those that focus on social networking and frequently add fresh content often increase in both traffic and keyword rank more than the others.

If you would like a custom designed website that will display on mobile devices and built according to your own specifications by a SEO professional, fill out the Web Design Quote Form.

Redesign Samples

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