Oil Paintings by Lori Eldridge

The oil paintings shown below are some of my paintings, mostly from an art class I took for one year in 1984. My teacher bordered on impressionism but I'm a more detailed painter, driving my teacher crazy by wanting to paint every vain, on every leaf.

There are several other paintings not shown here, mostly of landscapes, pets, places where we have lived, etc. Most of the paintings were given to my kids or relatives, or sold to neighbors or friends, or sold in an art show. I have one of where I used to go camping that isn't finished yet.

I quit painting when my son died (see my Beneath a Crooked Tree story) because I had to go back to work. I hope to start painting again after I retire as a web designer as I don't have time to do both. However, I still watch painting lessons on PBS, occasionally.

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Oil paintings by
Lori Eldridge
Copyright © 1984
Updated 10-5-19