The following poem about my son Wayne was written by a friend of mine who is an RN. She has treated many Marfan patients and knows the heartbreak this syndrome causes. I have designated Linda as Wayne's honorary godmother.

Wayne pole vaulting

He was born in the year of 1965,
His name was Wayne,
Born to Lori, to be a master
Of running and vaulting in his time.

He blessed his Mother greatly.
Many see his name, and pay respects
To the Olympian, the one who flew
Upon wings of eagles, to bless and be blessed.

Wayne's last mountain hike

His infectious laughter peeled
The bark off the trees for his friends.
To this day, they long for him
He gave his heart and his life.

Rolling down the rocky roads,
The forest would call him to select
The timber which must be cut,
The means for his sustenance

The axe was wielded with perfection.
Paving his way for an education
Teaching him the beauty of the
Woods, fair and fragrant.

Wayne in a snow cave he built

The wood was his life, the forest and tree,
The slender pole, which sent him flying
Topping and floating, only to land softly
On bags of sand and canvas.

Another lived to die on the Tree.
His name was Jesus, the Messiah.
His death still leads others to his Father
Though it hurt, he too, chose the tree.

Wayne's picture

The wind still calls Wayne's name
God had made him,
A reflection of his Mother's eyes
His friends, deeper than the deepest sea.

I can fly now Mom, don't need the sand.
Don't worry, I'm like the eagle
Sure footing on the cleft of the Rock.
Jesus was a Woodsman too.

Linda M Reynolds
Copyright © August 5, 2000

For a story about where I buried Wayne's ashes on Mt. Spokane see Beneath a Crooked Tree